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2023 AAMN Election Candidates

​Winners will serve in a transitional capacity through the summer.

Terms will begin at the conclusion of AAMN's annual conference, to be held in October.

Winners will be expected to be present during the conference.

Voting will be conducted May 17-31. All voting will be conducted online.






















* Denotes incumbent

The candidates listed below have submitted nominations to run for positions on AAMN's board of directors. Those nominations have been approved by AAMN's Leadership Succession Committee.

Biographical information was provided by the individual candidates and some have been edited for clarity and consistencies in style.


The president-elect will start a two-year term in 2024

Jason Mott, PhD, RN

Current Employment: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Assistant Dean, Pre-licensure Program Director.


Professional Association Memberships: AAMN

AAMN Involvement to Date: Member since 2012, board member and secretary between 2013-2019, president elect 2021, president since October 2022.

Candidate Statement: In these past few months, I have enjoyed taking on the role of president of this wonderful organization.  I look forward to being able to continue the work that we have started as a board of directors in another term as president.  I appreciate the confidence that you have instilled in me up to this point and will continue to work to move the organization forward.

The secretary serves a two-year term.


Candidates listed in alphabetical order

Robert Adams, MSN-Ed (c), BSN, RN, CEN, LP

Current Employment: Registered nurse, UT Health East Texas.

Professional Association Memberships: Sigma Theta Tau International, Member, Inducted Spring 2018; American Nurses Association/Texas Nurses Association, 
Elected, TNA ANA Membership Assembly Representative 2021-2022; Elected, TNA Member of Leadership Succession Committee 2021-2023; Emergency Nurses Association, Appointed, Member of the Emerging Professional Advisory Council National ENA, 2021-2023; Chair, Nursing Practice Committee Texas ENA, 2022-2024
Delegate, EN23; National Student Nurses’ Association, Board of Directors, Secretary and Treasurer 2018-2019; Chair, Finance Committee; Member, Executive Committee; Member, Break Through to Nursing Committee; Texas Nursing Students’ Association, Board of Directors, Secretary and Treasurer 2017-2018; Chair, Finance Committee; Chair, Program and Projects Committee.

AAMN Involvement to Date: Member, Appointed, Co-Chair of the 501(c)3 Task Force, 2020; Elected, Secretary 2021-2023; Chair, Education and Conference Planning Committee 2021-2023.

Candidate Statement:  I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve as secretary for the American Association for Men in Nursing and its membership, and to foster and encourage AAMN’s continued growth. An important conversation revolving around our strategic pillars has been incorporating and partnering with nursing students and the nursing student organizations; thus acquiring, engaging  and retaining AAMN members. With my valuable and lengthy history with the Texas Nursing Students’ Association and the National Student Nurses’ Association, I can provide valuable input into this conversation.

James Combs, MPA, BSN, RN, FACHE

Current Employment: Universal Health Services; Director, Accountable Care Organization & Value-Based Care Programs.

Professional Association Memberships: Member, American Nurses Association and Nevada Nurses Association; Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives.


AAMN Involvement to Date: I joined AAMN in 2019 when I was elected president of the AAMN Chapter for Chamberlain University College of Nursing. I was re-elected as president of the same chapter in 2021. I have also been formally recognized for my contribution as a volunteer in the joint Vitas/AAMN hospice program.

Candidate Statement: I joined AAMN in nursing school and have been involved since then. I served as president of my university’s AAMN chapter for two years. During that time, I led efforts to get nursing students to participate in the joint VITAS/AAMN hospice volunteer program. I was recognized by VITAS for my service to its program, which included hundreds of outreach calls to hospice patients and their families during the most vulnerable time of the Covid-19 epidemic. Other accomplishments include coordinating with local high school counselors to participate in career fairs, inspiring young men to consider a rewarding career in nursing. I recently participated in legislative efforts advocating for nurses by petitioning state legislators to make my home state a compact license state.


Serving in a leadership role with AAMN would be an honor for me.  If selected for this role, my plans include promoting men in nursing by launching an AAMN chapter for the 300+ acute and behavioral health hospitals in the health system I work for.  I would also like to do statistically valid research on trends affecting men in nursing. Finally, I would use my position at a legislative level advocating for more states to participate in the nurse licensure compact. This would benefit men in nursing by giving them a multi-state nursing license.  

Richard Pullen, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, CNE-cl, ANEF, FAAN

Current Employment: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, Texas: Professor and RN to BSN Program Director.

Professional Association Memberships: Panhandle Great 25 Nurses and Scholarship Committee; Board Member: Nurse Educator, Nursing2023, and Nursing Made Incredibly Easy; American Nurses Association; Texas Nurses Association; National League for Nursing; Texas League for Nursing; Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing; Association of Rheumatology Professionals: American College of Rheumatology; Rheumatology Nurses Society; Health Behavior Expert Panel: American Academy of Nursing.

AAMN Involvement to Date: I became a member of AAMN in 2015. I have not previously served within the association. Activities related to men in nursing or men's health have been through publication, presentations, and informally (RE: conversations with colleagues, friends, and people I meet in places such as the grocery store or gym).

Candidate Statement: Serving as secretary would enable me to address the urgent need for nursing faculty and nurses in clinical practice by amplifying the visibility of male nurses in academic and healthcare settings and recruiting men desiring a career in helping others. My school of nursing has started the application process to establish an AAMN chapter. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 13% of nurses were men in 2021 compared to 7% in 2008. Men are becoming aware of their inherent ability to be compassionate caregivers intertwined with high-level critical thinking comparable to their female colleagues.  We must increase the momentum through recruitment programs led by male nurses at clinical facilities, public schools, nursing programs, gyms, malls, health fairs, and places of worship, and virtually framed around a partnership mentoring model. Nursing programs must create strategies and seek funding to place nurses through fast-track graduate programs as nurse educators, especially men, and individuals representing racial and ethnic minorities.

I advance the profession by being a role model for nursing, regardless of gender, celebrating practical nurses to registered nurses with graduate degrees, serving in the community and professional organizations, developing scholars, and disseminating knowledge. Many of my publications and presentations are related to men in nursing or their health problems. 

I build relationships, put people first, work hard, value mentorship, am a creative problem-solver, and am an ambassador for nursing. I enjoy initiating conversations about nursing and sharing my journey in the profession.

I will serve efficiently as Secretary.

Andrew Richards, PhD, RN, CNE, CPT

Current Employment: Associate professor, Southern Adventist University.

Professional Association Memberships: Member of AAMN since 2014; also current member of the American Nurses Association and the Emergency Nurses Association, the Tennessee Nurses Association and Sigma Theta Tau International (current vice president of Rho Iota chapter).

AAMN Involvement to Date: Member of AAMN since 2014. Attended AAMN's 2020 annual conference; Attended and co-presented at AAMN's 2021 conference in Atlanta ("The Nursing Pathway Project: Finding Solutions to the Underrepresentation of Men in Nursing"); attended and presented at 2022 conference in Orlando ("Professional Transitions: Preparing for Change -- A DIY Workshop); currently serve as at-large member of the AAMN Research Task Force, a member of AAMN's Education and Conference Planning Committee.

Candidate Statement: Since joining AAMN in 2014, I have enjoyed the benefits of belonging to the association. After attending the 45th annual conference, I was inspired to increase my involvement in AAMN. I have been a registered nurse for almost 21 years. I currently work as an associate professor of nursing at a private, religious university. I actively serve on several departmental and university committees. I am the current president of the Rho Iota chapter of Sigma Nursing. My purpose for serving on the board of directors as secretary is to support the board and to advance AAMN's ability to network with other national organizations to encourage more men to enter nursing and nursing education and to improve men's health. I have a strong interest in growing the research arm of AAMN.

Joseph Tacy, PhD, RN

Current Employment: Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing.

Professional Association Memberships: Southern Nursing Research Society; 
American Nurses Association; Mississippi Nurses Association; Sigma Theta Tau International; International Nursing Association of Clinical and Simulation Learning; 
Mississippi Council of Deans and Directors Schools of Nursing

AAMN Involvement to Date: Joined AAMN in 2021. I attended the 2022 AAMN  conference in Orlando. Currently at UMMC SON we have applied to start a local chapter. I will serve as the president of this chapter.

Candidate Statement: Dr. Joseph W. Tacy is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the School of Nursing at The University of Mississippi Medical Center and delivers supervision and support for academic programs. Dr. Tacy has often said, “Creating a culture that encourages the expression of ideas is imperative to foster an open learning environment.” Thus, he works hard to ensure all students, faculty, and staff connect and create a synergistic impact on the School and profession. He cultivates student growth using a multifaceted approach in which students can pursue their goals in nursing and utilizes techniques that can motivate students to understand all aspects of nursing, from clinical to theory. Moreover, he remains at the forefront of innovation in teaching and learning via technology and the use of interactive connections with students.

As a nursing leader, Dr. Tacy continually pledges his time and knowledge to educate and serve his community. Dr. Tacy has supported the Assistant Dean for Diversity Equity and Inclusion with efforts to help propel recruit and retain men in nursing. Other efforts include pairing male nursing students with mentors. In addition, a local chapter creation has begun to support both male students in nursing school. In addition, Dr. Tacy and his team have made a concerted effort to increase the enrollment of male students currently at 11.4% an increase from 9%. Focus in the area of faculty recruitment has also been impacted with the number of male faculty increased to 12.6% within the School of Nursing.

The at-large board members serve two-year terms.

AT-LARGE BOARD MEMBERS  (3 positions available)

Candidates listed in alphabetical order

Normajean Colby, PhD, RN, CNE, CPN

Current Employment: Nurse educator (associate professor), Widener University School of Nursing.

Professional Association Memberships: Eastern Nursing Research Society, Nominations Committee; Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, President; Nursing of Children Network, Secretary; Pennsylvania League for Nursing, Nominations Committee; Eta Beta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, Governance Chairperson. Member of Faith Community Nurses International, Pennsylvania Environmental Resources Consortium, International Association of Human Caring, 
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners, Inc., Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Society of Pediatric Nurses, National League for Nursing, American Nurses Association.

AAMN Involvement to Date: I joined AAMN while completing my doctoral dissertation, titled "What is the Essence of Nursing as Perceived by Practicing Nurses who are Male?" (2010). Shortly after that, I began a chapter at our university, called the Greater Philadelphia Area Chapter.  Following the pandemic, I joined the AAMN National Board and we have changed our chapter's name to Widener University Chapter and we are getting the involvement level back up.  I have attended a number of AAMN national conferences and have presented research at several of these conferences as a podium presenter. Currently serve on the board as an At-Large Board Member.

Candidate Statement: As an advocate for diversity in nursing -- particularly regarding gender diversity in our profession -- I am the faculty advisor for our university's chapter of AAMN, having founded the chapter in 2012, and serve on dissertation committees that seek to explore strategies for increasing gender diversity in the nursing profession, as well as improving the experience of men in nursing schools.  My doctoral research looked at nursing through the perspectives of men in nursing, and I have presented at several AAMN national conferences. A member of AAMN since 2010, I currently serve on the AAMN executive board, completing a one year position and on the board's newly formed Research Committee. I am a faculty member at a Northeastern Metropolitan University and work with students from undergraduate freshmen through PhD candidates, serving also as the Director of the Masters in Nursing Education program. I am a member of numerous professional nursing associations, serving on the boards of the Eastern Nursing Research Society, Nursing of Children Network, Eta Beta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, Phi Kappa Phi, and AAMN. I would like to continue the work that I have begun this past year by serving a full term on the AAMN board. My goal includes increasing the number of men in nursing, as well as ensuring that men in the nursing profession and in nursing schools as students can contribute to their fullest potential and desire.

Doug Dascenzo, DNP, RN, CENP

Current Employment: Trinity Health; Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Trinity, Michigan.


Professional Association Memberships: American College of Healthcare Executives; 
American Organization of Nursing Leadership; American Nurses Association-Michigan; Michigan Organization of Nurse Leaders.

AAMN Involvement to Date: Member; presented career path opportunities to students and members of the Washtenaw Chapter of AAMN.

Candidate Statement: As a proud representative of men in nursing, I feel compelled to formalize my commitment to AAMN and to serve as an advocate and role model for others who are contemplating a career in nursing or currently serving and inspired to grow and develop in the nursing profession. I am especially interested in creating professional opportunities for those underrepresented or marginalized whose aspiration to become a nurse is limited by social influencers. I am also inspired to help others self-actualize by leveraging the incredible power within themselves to realize their dreams of growing and prospering by taking advantage of all opportunities the nursing profession offers. Encouraging and supporting nurses by empowering them to own and influence their practice has been foundational to my work for the better part of my career.  My passion for nursing and advocacy for self-care and a healthy workplace continue to motivate and inspire me to be a better nurse and nurse leader. If given the opportunity to represent the organization as a board member, I vow to emulate the values of AAMN in all my interactions and reflect the attributes of leadership that have been established.

Edwin-Nikko Kabigting, PhD, RN, NPD-BC

Current Employment: Adelphi University, College of Nursing and Public Health.

Professional Association Memberships: American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Essentials Champion; American Nurses Association; American Nurses Association-New York; American Public Health Association; Eastern Nursing Research Society; International Consortium of Parse Scholars; International Consortium of Parse Scholars-New York Chapter, Member; New York State Parsesciencing Group (founding president); Philippine Nurses Association of America; Philippine Nurses Association of New York; The Honor Society of Nursing: Sigma Theta Tau International, Zeta Iota Chapter and Alpha Omega Chapter.

AAMN Involvement to Date: Joined AAMN this year and currently serve as a faculty advisor for an emerging chapter of AAMN at Adelphi University in Garden City, N.Y.

Candidate Statement: I would be honored to serve as an at-large board member to advance our organization forward in its mission to shape practice, education, research, and leadership for men in nursing. My work as a Parse Scholar who focuses on understanding universal living experiences, and my belief in the unique contribution that each individual brings to the discipline, will fortify our membership's understanding in research and inquiry. Furthermore, my involvement in national and regional organizations which promote nursing's unique stance can assist AAMN in moving forward in its strategic goals. I bring to the table my experience as an academic with insights into curriculum development as well as unique teaching-learning pedagogies. If elected, I promise to support the mission of AAMN and its membership.

Benjamin Njoku, BSN, CCRN

Current Employment: New York Health and Hospitals, Lincoln.

Professional Association Memberships: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses; New York Relief Network, Board Member; New York State Nurses Association, Lincoln Hospital Delegate.

AAMN Involvement to Date: Rejoined in 2020; member of AAMN's Research Task Force. Accepted as a member of the Society of Luther Christman Fellows in 2022.

Candidate Statement: As a dedicated nurse with a passion for promoting diversity and equality in healthcare, I believe that AAMN plays an essential role in advancing men in nursing and the nursing profession. In my experience as a nurse, I have witnessed the value of having diverse perspectives and backgrounds in the nursing field. I am also aware of the unique challenges that men in nursing face, including gender bias and limited representation. As an at-large board member, I am committed to advocating for men in nursing and creating a supportive environment for all nurses. In addition to my nursing experience, I bring skills and experience in leadership, strategic planning, fundraising, or advocacy. I am dedicated to being an engaged and active board member and believe that my skills and experience will enable me to make a valuable contribution to AAMN's work. Thank you for considering my application. I am excited at the opportunity to serve on the AAMN Board and work collaboratively towards promoting diversity and equality in nursing.

Edmund Pajarillo, PhD, RN BC, CPHQ, NEA BC, ANEF, FAAN

Current Employment: Full professor, Adelphi University.

Professional Association Memberships: Center for Nursing Research, Foundation for NY State Nurses; Fellow, American Academy of Nursing; Academy of Nursing Education; Royal Academy of Medicine; New York Academy of Medicine; Editor-in-Chief - Journal of the American Nurses Association - New York; Vice-Chair - NY State Board for Nursing; Vice President, Society of Internationally Educated Nurses in North America.

AAMN Involvement to Date: Member and faculty liaison in a prior university appointment, attended national conventions in NJ and MO; currently one of three faculty organizing our school chapter of AAMN.

Candidate Statement: A registered nurse for over 40 years in diverse nursing specializations, middle to top-level administrative and academic positions, I believe in the tripartite relationship of leadership, mentoring and nursing informatics. One informs the other through the use of data, information, leadership and mentoring skills. We can develop and educate better nurses and leaders who will course the future of nursing.  Men, and others with different gender orientations, are a minority in a predominantly female profession. We must be represented in leadership and policy development in nursing and healthcare. I have worked alongside leaders of various gender, race, cultural, educational and religious backgrounds. Our differences bring synergy, equity and inclusion into our profession. I made impactful changes through my involvement in different organizations, some of which include bringing the innovation and “what-if” thinking hat into our consciousness, pedagogical strategies, research development and dissemination, national and international collaborations, etc. I will contribute my experience, knowledge and skill to bring more strength, visibility and purpose to the AAMN when elected as an at-large board member.

Carlos Serrano, MS, RN, CPNP-PC, CNE

Current Employment: RBHS Lecturer, Rutgers University.

Professional Association Memberships: National Association of Nurse Practitioners, National League for Nursing.

AAMN Involvement to Date: I became a member as a nursing student over 20 years ago when the organization was still called the American Assembly of Men in Nursing. I stayed a member for several years; however, I admittedly left because of a lack of diversity in the organization’s focus. I recently became a member again because of the expansion of the organization’s mission and goals.

Candidate Statement: As a board member, I would like to encourage and foster the expansion of the organization’s mission to encourage men to enter into nursing roles not traditionally sought after, such as maternal-child, midwifery, pediatrics, home care, school nursing, public health, and academia. We need to continue to expand our efforts to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in nursing. One way to do so is by addressing the lack of a sense of belonging in these specialty areas. By showing an increased presence in these areas of nursing, I believe we will encourage the next generation of men to pursue these specialties which are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s healthcare environment.

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