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The purpose of AAMN is to provide a framework for nurses as a group to meet, discuss, and influence factors which affect men as nurses.

AAMN is a national organization with local chapters recognized and sanctioned under the Bylaws of AAMN. However Chapters may have independent bylaws and a separate dues structure. Membership in the national organization does not require membership in a local chapter. 

For more information on how to start a chapter,
see below.

If you have any questions about starting a chapter, please contact us at


Local chapters of AAMN are designed to encourage awareness and attention to the goals and mission of the American Association for Men in Nursing and increase national membership.

If you are interested in starting an AAMN chapter in your area or at your school of nursing, please see the following:

Prospective chapters must fill out and complete a new chapter checklist and submit a copy of its proposed bylaws for approval.

For a copy of a new chapter checklist, click here.

For a copy of sample bylaws, click here.

For a special discount on group membership rates, click here.

If you have additional questions, email us at for more information.

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