AAMN's 2020 Best Schools for Men in Nursing Recognition


To recognize a nursing school or college that has provided significant efforts in recruiting and retaining men in nursing, in providing men a supportive educational environment, and in educating faculty, students and the community about the contributions men have and do make to the nursing profession.



Representatives from nursing programs that have made significant efforts to recruit and retain men are encouraged to apply. All applications are due by close of business on Monday, August 10, 2020. Applications need to address the criteria below and be submitted to Scott Kelnhofer, AAMN executive director, at admin@aamn.org.


A $500 application fee is required and payable to:

The American Association for Men in Nursing

3655 W. Anthem Way, Suite A-109

Anthem, AZ 85086



1. Please see the Evaluation Rubric. The nursing school or college will electronically submit to AAMN a portfolio detailing its efforts in meeting the needs of men in nursing.


Examples of efforts may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Marketing materials and website images depicting men.

  • Career fairs/ public relations events targeting men.

  • Strategic plans with aims to increase gender diversity in the student and/or faculty


  • Course syllabi or other course content (e.g. PowerPoints, lecture notes, assigned

readings, handouts or discussion questions) that include content on men’s health.

  • Newsletter articles/ e-journal articles addressing the contribution of men in nursing.

  • Faculty/ student in-services or programs that highlight men in nursing.

  • Efforts made to link male students with role models, such as male faculty and/or

male nurses in the clinical setting.

  • Activities of the local chapter of the Student Nurses Association highlighting men in


  • Activities of a local AAMN chapter.


The organization must use its own discretion to determine the value and importance of the content it chooses to include in its portfolio.


The items listed above are only examples of suggested inclusion items and not a requirement.


The organization must provide the following data for the current and previous year:


  • Number of male students who graduated in past three years that are program

specific (i.e., undergraduate, graduate).

  • Percent of male students admitted over the past three years.

  • Gender-specific graduation rates.

  • Percent of male faculty/staff employed.


2. The nursing school or college must provide evidence that its efforts have resulted in an increase in the number of men applying to the program, admitted to the program, retained in the program, or in improved program evaluations from male graduates.


3. In order to be considered for this recognition, the nursing school or college must be accredited by either the National League of Nursing or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.


4. In order to be considered for this recognition, the nursing school or college must have had an NCLEX pass rate of 80% or higher for the past three years.


5. The recognition may be given to the same nursing school or college more than once.


6. Organizations receiving this recognition may display the AAMN logo their website with the citation “AAMN Best Nursing School/College for Men in Nursing” and be provided a link to the AAMN website to be displayed along with AAMN logo. This display shall continue for a period of one year following receipt of this recognition. The Recognition Task Force Chairperson shall coordinate the necessary tools and communications to enable the usage of the AAMN logo.


7. The Recognition Review Committee will review all application submitted prior to the posted deadline. The committee will recommend applications to the board for consideration as the “AAMN Best Nursing School/College for Men in Nursing.” The “Best School” recognition is not limited to one per year. The committee will determine the number of organizations recommended for approval based on their evaluation of applications submitted.


8. At least one representative from each recognized organization shall be required to attend a virtual presentation of the conference to accept their award.


9. Consideration will be given to the overall presentation of the submitted portfolio. The organization shall use its own discretion in overall presentation of materials.


10. A scoring guideline will be made available online for review prior to submission. All questions concerning the scoring guideline shall be directed to the AAMN headquarters.

To view a sample of a previous year's submission, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much time will it take to apply?


The time spent will vary depending on what the school already has in place (e.g. gender specific faculty and student data, climate surveys at university level with gender specific data) and what  needs to be implemented.


What do I need to do in order to be considered for this award?


Please see the Best Schools Evaluation Rubric In order for your application to be considered,

you will need:

  • An evidence portfolio.

  • Current NLN or AACN accreditation.

  • Completed climate survey.

  • NCLEX first-time pass rates of 80% or higher.

  • Data as noted in the evaluation rubric.


Does one person need to prepare the application or can it be a task force?


More than one person or a group can prepare the application. Students have helped prepare a school’s application and these things ease the burden on any one person. However, it is required that you designate one individual as the contact person or leader for the application process.


Is there a preferred format for the application?


There is no one required format but PDF files may be easier to send via email than PowerPoints or other documents that contain multiple images.  

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