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2021 AAMN Election Candidates

Voting is now CLOSED. Results to be announced in the next few days.

​Winners will serve in a transitional capacity through the summer.

Terms will begin at the conclusion of AAMN's annual conference, to be held in October.

Winners will be expected to be present during the conference.















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The candidates listed below have submitted nominations to run for positions on AAMN's board of directors. Those nominations have been approved by AAMN's Leadership Succession Committee.

Biographical information was provided by the individual candidates.

Jason Mott PhD, RN

Current Employment: Prelicensure Program Director, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Education: MSN and PhD in Nursing education.

Professional Association Memberships: AAMN, AACN.

AAMN Involvement to Date:  I have been a member of AAMN since 2013. I served for 5 years on the board of directors, serving the final 3 years as secretary. During my entire time on the board, I served as chair of the education committee. I led the conference planning committees every year from Minneapolis through Orlando conferences. I have continued to serve on the education committee since leaving my board position in October 2019. I have also presented several times at the national conferences. Finally, I have collaborated with the communications committee for several years.

Why Are You Interested in The Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? I am interested as serving as the next president of AAMN for several reasons. I have been heavily involved since joining the organization in 2013.  Initially, I served on the awards committee.  Within one year of being in the organization, I was elected to the board of directors.  I was then appointed and re-elected to the secretary position. I had the privilege of leading the education committee for five years, planning the annual conference. In this position, I would envision moving the organization forward. I feel that, with the changes occurring in society in general, our organization has the possibility to work with other groups to help unify the nursing profession. If elected, I would work to continue to further the work that has been done by the organization throughout the years to bring a voice to men and other minorities in nursing through the continued partnerships we have formed with our amazing colleagues in the nursing profession.

The president-elect serves for one year alongside the current president, then serves a  two-year term as president.

Robert Ramos, BSN, RN, CEN, LP

Current Employment: Encompass Health-Home Health & Hospice.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Texas at Tyler.

Professional Association Memberships: Sigma Theta Tau International, American Association for Men in Nursing (AAMN), American Nurses Association (ANA), Texas Nurses Association (TNA), Co-Chair Resolutions Committee for TNA, Vice Chair of Nursing Practice Committee for TNA, Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), Member of the Emerging Professional Advisory Council for ENA. Sustaining Member with the National Student Nurses’ Association.

AAMN Involvement to Date: I joined AAMN in the fall of 2020 and am currently Co-Chair of its 501(c)3 Task Force.

Why Are You Interested in The Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? I am running for secretary of AAMN because now, more than ever with this world pandemic, we need strong nursing leaders.


I seek this position knowing what it entails and what it demands. No matter the size nor where your chapter is located. I will fight for what your needs are and stand with you to have your voice heard.

I am the former secretary/treasurer with the National Student Nurses’ Association. Also, I am the former secretary/treasurer to the Texas Nursing Students’ Association. With positions such as these, I have learned to advocate for the most vulnerable populations using my voice, knowledge, and ideas to speak up and speak out creating policies that evolve the nursing profession. 


As secretary I will fight for the safety of all nurses and our patients. I welcome the opportunity to serve AAMN and its membership, and to foster and encourage AAMN’s continued growth. I feel I would bring a fresh focus, positive attitude, and willingness to learn and be a proactive member of AAMN.

The secretary serves a two-year term.

The at-large board members serve two-year terms.

AT-LARGE BOARD MEMBERS  (3 positions available)

Candidates listed in alphabetical order

Armen Akopyan

Education: Scheduled to graduate from UCLA School of Nursing in June and taking NCLEX later this summer.

Professional Association Memberships: President, Men in Nursing at UCLA, June 2019-present.

AAMN Involvement to Date: My involvement with AAMN started in 2019, after assuming the leadership of Men in Nursing at UCLA, which at that time was inactive and had no membership. I quickly put together a board and we started working relentlessly to recruit members and bring visibility to our chapter. As I get near the end of my term, I am proud to say that our efforts have been remarkably successful, having become one of the most active and recognized student organizations at UCLA School of Nursing. This level of recognition is based on three pillars: a very active involvement with school, outreach and volunteer efforts that bring great visibility to our chapter; a well-planned calendar of educational and social events that positions us as a leading student organization; and a very active social media presence that amplifies our message. Under my leadership, our UCLA chapter was recognized by AAMN as Chapter of the Year 2020.

Why Are You Interested in The Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? Ten years ago, as an immigrant from a country where the nursing profession is woefully undervalued, I could not even imagine that a male could be a nurse. Things are very different here and now, but there is still much to be done in order to solidify the perception of nursing as a viable professional choice for a man. My main goal in joining AAMN is to bring more awareness about men in nursing, especially among our new generation that is starting to look for career options. My experience with Men in Nursing at UCLA showed me how much can be achieved by leveraging the power of social media in support of a strong message and a solid outreach plan. I will draw on this experience to amplify AAMN’s message, and I am confident that I can make a substantial contribution to AAMN’s mission to support, encourage and advocate for men in nursing.

Lou Bartolo, MSN, RN

Current Employment: Quality Manager/Officer Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy Program Blood and Marrow Collections Program, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington DC.

Education: Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (MSN), Loyola University New Orleans (current DNP student).

Professional Association Memberships: AAMN; President-elect, Maryland Nurses Association (District 5); Political Action Committee Board of Trustees, American Nurses Association; Board member of Johns Hopkins University Alumni Council; American Organization for Nursing Leadership, Oncology Nursing Society, National Association for Healthcare Quality.

AAMN Involvement to Date: Northeast Membership Chair, 2018-present.

Why Are You Interested in The Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? I am grateful and humble to be part of American Association for Men in Nursing and being the Northeast Membership Chair for the past several years. The increase focus on healthcare, it is critical that nurses and AAMN continue to advocate for change to improve the field of nursing, education, and patient outcomes. As the Membership Chair I know the importance and value the At-Large position shall have on the AAMN. In the past and currently being on the board of directors of other organizations, I have been able to effectively represent nurses by attending several in person meetings with members of Congress and actively contribute to online discussions in advocacy. As the position is a two-year term, I would like to continue the momentum generated previously by the other At-Large members. If elected, I will continue to do everything in my power to support the Board while representing AAMN effectively and with great commitment to the future of AAMN.

Curry Bordelon DNP,MBA, CRNP, CNE

Current Employment: University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing.


Education: BSN - Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, La.; MBA – University of New Orleans; MSN-PNP-AC – Nell Hodges Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University, Atlanta; Post Masters NNP – UAB School of Nursing, Birmingham, Ala.;
DNP – UAB School of Nursing.

Professional Association Memberships: AAMN, Birmingham Chapter of AAMN, Academy of Neonatal Nursing, ANA, Alabama State Nurses Association, National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty, Alabama League for Nursing, National League for Nursing, Nu at-Large Chapter of Sigma, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama. 

AAMN Involvement to Date:  Since joining AAMN in 2017, I have attended and presented at two of AAMN’s conferences. I have led efforts for the nomination of the UAB School of Nursing for the Best School for Men in Nursing Award. We have received the award for 2019 and 2020.

As the President Elect and now President of the Birmingham Chapter of AAMN, I have collaborated with board members while leading efforts for chapter membership development, website and social media launch, development of a student mentoring program (Nursing in Real Life), developed a nursing elective course (Men’s Health Across the Lifespan), and launched a media campaign to build awareness of the chapter and the value of diversity in healthcare. Media and awareness efforts have led to peer reviewed publications, podium presentations at national and local conferences, recognition within local news media, and an increase in membership to 88 members. In 2020, I received the AAMN Lee Cohen Membership Award. Current efforts include expanding local membership and marketing, participation in the AAMN 501(c)3 Taskforce, and participation in the fall 2021 AAMN Conference.

Why Are You Interested in The Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? It continues to be a great pleasure to serve on the board of our local chapter and to be part of its expanding presence. From collaborative efforts among other nursing organizations, such as the Nu at-Large Chapter of Sigma and the Birmingham Black Nurses Association to our organizational awareness from media activity, the Birmingham Chapter of AAMN continues to strengthen diversity efforts within our communities and represent the patients for whom we provide care. These efforts are a result of active engagement among members, educational and outreach opportunities, collaboration with other professional nursing organizations, mentoring efforts, and a passion to move our profession forward. Serving at the chapter level has provided me the opportunity to mentor and coach men that are nurses or that are considering nursing as a profession. Serving at the national level would broaden my platform to continue this important work while also representing the work of AAMN. As a Board Member at Large, I will be committed to bringing my passion for organizational and professional nursing advancement within activities for AAMN.

Brian Fasolka PhD, RN, CEN

Current Employment: Clinical Assistant Professor, New York University; Staff nurse, emergency department, Northwell Health/Lenox Hill Hospital.

Education: PhD, Nursing Science, Widener University, MSN (nursing education) and BSN DeSales University.

Professional Association Memberships: AAMN, Sigma Theta Tau, Emergency Nurses Association, New York City Men in Nursing.

AAMN Involvement to Date: Joined 2012; Have attended all conferences since 2012; Board member 2019-present; Assisted with conference planning 2019, 2020, 2021; Co-chair conference and awards committee 2019-present; Conference presenter 2017 and 2019; NYCMIN mentor 2020-present

Why Are You Interested in This Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? Over the past two years I have enjoyed working with the board and AAMN members to ensure the continued success of the association through difficult times. My main duties on the board related to conference planning, more specifically the educational requirements of the conferences. The pandemic required significant format changes to the 2020 conference, but our creativity allowed this annual event to move forward with success.  If elected to another term, I would look forward to planning a return to in person conference events that offer quality education and networking opportunities for nurses and nursing students. 

Mark C. Hand PhD, RN, CNE

Current Employment: East Carolina University, College of Nursing, Greenville, NC.

Education: Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (1995), Baccalaureate  of Science Degree in Nursing (1998), Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Nurse Leadership (2001), Doctor of Philosophy Nursing ( 2015).

Professional Association Memberships:

AAMN; Sigma Theta Tau International, Beta Nu Chapter East Carolina University, President (2020-22); North Carolina League for Nursing, President-Board of Directors, 4-year term 2012-2016; North Carolina Nursing Association; American Nurses Association; National League for Nursing, Board of Governors.

AAMN Involvement to Date: I first joined the AAMN in 2008 and have been the faculty advisor for our ECU College of Nursing AAMN Chapter. I left ECU for three years and upon my return, I once again took on the role of faculty advisor. I continue to encourage our male nurses to get involved with AAMN.

Why Are You Interested in This Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN?  Since becoming a nurse in 1995, I have always been an advocate for men to become nurses. I spoke at our local high schools and mentored men in both hospital nursing and as nurse educators. I have been the faculty advisor for our ECU College of Nursing  AAMN Chapter. I could bring  strong leadership qualities and experience to the AAMN Board. I have been in several leadership positions and as a  board member for local, state and national organizations. I was elected in 2019 and  currently serve on the Board of Governors of the National League for Nursing (NLN) until 2022. I am currently conducting a research study titled “Factors Associated with Recruitment and Retention of Men in Nursing Academia." It is my goal to identify these factors and utilize the data to create mentor programs for male nurses that have an interest in nursing education. Factors that affect men as nurses and as nurse educators is an important topic to me as a leader in nursing education. 

J. Michael Leger PhD, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, CNE, CNL

Current Employment: Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Organizational Effectiveness and Evaluation, Univ. of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing, Galveston, Texas.


Education: PhD – UTMB Galveston, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; MBA – Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas; BSN – UTMB Galveston, School of Nursing; AAS – Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas.

Professional Association Memberships

American Nurses Association – ANA Membership Assembly Representative for Texas Nurses Association & Member; Texas Nurses Association, District 9 – Southern Region Representative & Member; Sigma Theta Tau International; 

Alpha Delta Chapter of STTI – President-Elect & Member.

AAMN Involvement to Date: I am a new member (Feb. 2021) of AAMN.

Why Are You Interested in This Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN?  First, I have reached a point in my career where I believe I am able to "give back" to all of those who have come before me and paved the path that I have been able to follow. Not only as a male in nursing, but as a professional nurse in healthcare and, now, academia. I am focusing my volunteer efforts on professional organizations in which I feel aligned with the organization’s mission, and the organization’s objectives are about helping further the profession of nursing. 


During these unprecedented times, while there is much discussion about inclusion, I believe there is a need for a voice for male nurses. In addition, we are being presented with an opportune time to recruit more males into the nursing profession as a career choice. Both of these clearly align with the objectives of AAMN.


At this time, I am working to establish the first Texas Chapter of AAMN in the Houston/Galveston region. In doing so, I want to learn as much as possible about the organization. Being a member of the Board will offer me a better perspective of the mission, vision, and objectives of the organization. This will also help me in establishing our Chapter and to encourage other regions within our state to start of chapter.

Adrian Robles RN, BSN

Current Employment: Crisis Response Project as a consultant and Direct Behavioral Interventionist for Optima Family Services.


Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing from West Coast University, Ontario, Calif.

Professional Association Memberships: I am currently the board of director of AAMN's membership committee. I was the previous West Region Chair for membership as well as the former Chapter President for West Coast University, Ontario campus.

AAMN Involvement to Date: I became a member of AAMN in 2018 while establishing my school’s first AAMN chapter. While a chapter president, I created an initiative to work with local Boy Scout troops to teach them medical skills that would complete their hours toward certain badges. My officers and I became Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselors in order to participate. My chapter attended a youth conference with Los Angeles-area high school young men to learn more about opportunities in the nursing field.


As the board of director for membership, I oversee and mentor four region leaders to assist their region’s local school and hospital-based chapters with recruitment and retention initiatives. To be able to assist chapters maintain professional relationships with the national leadership of AAMN to continue promoting our organizations objectives.


Recently, AAMN’s membership committee has been instrumental to establish the very first international chapter in the Philippines, assisted Vitas Healthcare with its hospice telehealth program, and creating initiatives to streamline the onboarding process for new chapters.

Why Are You Interested in The Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? 

It has been the honor of a lifetime to be the membership committee board of director. I would like to continue to help grow our membership base while improving communications with current chapters so they feel more connected with AAMN national leadership. When I was first appointed for this position by AAMNs current President, Blake Smith, I had a goal of bringing current members closer together and showing that national leadership can be quickly accessible and responsive. My goal is ongoing and is improving daily. Especially now more than ever, more accessible leadership is important to be available to the members and reassure them that AAMN is here to help during this difficult time.


As AAMN is heading to the next phase of its leadership with the inclusion of 501(c)3 status, I plan to streamline the process for chapters that are interested to be able to manage and maintain their nonprofit status effortlessly. Making the 501(c)3 status easier to manage will help chapters focus their energies to transition to the next level as a professional organization at the local level.

Thomas Rossini ADN, ​RN

Current Employment: United Health Group.


Education: Currently ADN, RN and in the process of obtaining my RN to MSN at Chamberlain University.

Professional Association Memberships: AAMN; UHG AAMN chapter.

AAMN Involvement to Date: Member since 2009, have participated over the years on the awards committee and education committee; founder of the UHG AAMN Chapter and current past president and temporary secretary; three-time presenter at AAMN National Conferences;  Currently involved in a new AAMN research project.

Why Are You Interested in The Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? 

As a member of AAMN for over a decade, I have sought to promote opportunities for men in nursing and support gender parity of men in nursing in all positions I have held professionally as well as in professional organizations. Interested in helping foster an awareness of men’s health and support men in the discipline of nursing, I founded a corporate chapter of AAMN within UnitedHealth Group (UHG) to bring the vision of AAMN into the forefront of care delivery across the United States and abroad. Serving as the past president of that chapter, I acted as the ambassador of AAMN to the senior management of the UHG and worked to help create a potentially long-lasting sponsorship opportunity. 

If allowed to serve as an At-Large Board Member, I would work diligently to support the mission and vision of AAMN. I would like to help create a mentorship program. I have had the opportunity to not only help develop but take part in a mentorship program at my company and I would love to bring this to everyone within AAMN. There is a vast amount of talent within AAMN and many are eager to share their experiences and help guide others in their career paths. Every single past and current leader in AAMN has been influenced by a mentor to advance their career. If elected, this program will be one of my main goals along with supporting the needs of the AAMN organization. I would like to help AAMN secure provider status for continuing education to help better provide year-round educational opportunities as a value-added benefit for members. Assisting with conference planning and willing to function as an ambassador of the organization to the world,  I would approach the position with enthusiastic zeal and seek to promote the vision of AAMN to expand our reach and broaden our footprint across the nation.

Jeffrey Williams DNP, APRN, ACCNS-BC, CCRN

Current Employment: Associate Clinical Professor, Texas Woman's University College of Nursing, Dallas.

Education: BSN: UT Health Science Center, Houston (1993); MSN: UT Health Science Center, San Antonio (2000); DNP: Texas Christian University (2013)..

Professional Association Memberships: American Association of Critical Care Nurses, since 1995; Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing, since 1999; National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist, since 1999; American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Dallas County Chapter, since 2004; Texas Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist, since 2010; American Association for  Men in Nursing, since 2020; Transcultural Nursing Society, since 2020.


AAMN Involvement to Date: Joined AAMN in February, 2020. Though not active in any role other than member and attended the virtual conference in October of 2020, I am very interested in becoming more involved in the organization.

Why Are You Interested in The Position and What Do You Hope to Achieve and Contribute to AAMN? 

As a nursing faculty member in a college that was founded as a women’s only college and only recently (26 years ago) allowed males to enroll in undergraduate courses, I have come to appreciate the role that diversity and inclusivity play in not only the nursing profession, but across all professions. Diversity and inclusivity play such an important role in shaping a profession and how that profession is viewed in the eyes of the public. Working to expand the diversity of the nursing workforce should be an objective for any professional organization and as such, serving on the board of directors of the AAMN would give me the opportunity to contribute to the achievement of that objective. The nursing profession lags in the number of males with a gender ratio of roughly 1 male nurse to every 10 female nurses, whereas in the medical profession the ratio of males to females is roughly 1.8 male physicians for every 1 female physician. Though nursing has made great strides in increasing the number of males in the profession, there is still a long way to go. I believe breaking down the barriers to males entering the profession of nursing starts with education, advocacy, and outreach to encourage young men to enroll in nursing programs. AAMN is active in promoting the nursing profession to males and this must continue. I would like to see AAMN chapters increase their visibility, increase education, and provide support and inclusivity to all nursing students. Serving on the board would allow me the opportunity to promote the role of men in nursing on a national level. I would bring to the board both leadership and planning skills that I developed and enhanced while serving on multiple planning committees, both at the national and state level. I would also bring to the board a strong desire for promoting excellence across the nursing profession. It would be an honor to serve the board of directors for the AAMN.