Men's Health Network

AAMN has partnered with the Men's Health Network to implement a Men's Health Taskforce. The goals of the Men's Health Taskforce are:
  • Strengthen national and state public policies that aim to improve the health of men, boys, and their families
  • Advance men's health-specific research initiatives that disseminate gender, age, and socio-culturally appropriate information through suitable mediums
  • Develop greater health education outreach targeting men and their families.
  • Ensure the development of a better-trained and more gender competent U.S. public health workforce in the field of men's health
These goals are in direct alignment with the American Public Health Association's Men's Health Caucus. To see the Men's Health National Policy Agenda, click here. Individuals interested in being part of this exciting group devoted to men's health, should contact Danny Lee at

Redskins April 27, 2013: The first event the AAMN Men's Health Taskforce participated in was the NFL Draft Men's Health Screening with the Washington Redskins at the Fedex Field on April 27, 2013. AAMN Participants were John Scott, Ronnie Ursin, and Terry Wallace. To view pictures from the event, click the picture.