Walden University Celebrates National Nurses Week

This year, Walden University is bringing AAMN nurses the remarkable stories of The American Nurse Project. With that, we would like to invite your members to participate in a number of activities.

These activities include:
  • Virtual Screenings of The American Nurse – Nurses can participate in one of six virtual screenings of The American Nurse movie and receive contact hours.
  • Q&A Session with Filmmaker – As a culminating event, Nurses will have the opportunity to attend a Q&A with the filmmaker Carolyn Jones. Contact hours will also be awarded for those who attend this session.
  • Networking Events – this is a special networking event for nurses in key cities including Baltimore, Dallas, and Atlanta. We invite nurses to enjoy an evening with Walden.
  • The American Nurse Book Giveaway – Nurses can enter to win a copy of The American Nurse coffee table book, a beautiful book with photography and stories of fearless nurses from our communities. 100 winners will be randomly selected.
For more information, click here.