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Congressional Action Sought
AAMN joins over 40 other organizations in testimony regarding Fiscal Year 2012 appropriations for Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Programs, the National Institute of Nursing Research, and Nurse-Managed Health Clinics to the US Senate and US House of Representatives. View the Full Testimony

Nursing Shortage- How Diversity Addresses the Need
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has committed itself to increasing diversity in nursing through a variety of programs to help alleviate the nursing shortage. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published an article titled, Nurse Leaders, IOM Report Call for Push to Increase Diversity in Nursing (2011, February 25) addressing several of these programs and their dedication to increasing diversity in nursing.

AAMN Leadership Addresses Gender Diversity in Nursing at Summit
The Future of Nursing Summit Webcast contains the videos, including the Q&A Session where our members discussed Gender in the Nursing Profession. Our own Bill Lecher, Michael Bliech, Don Anderson, and Brent MacWilliams spoke before the Q&A panel on Gender Diversity in the Nursing profession. (Section 3, time frame 21:48 to 24:38)

More IOM Reports
More information on downloads of the IOM Reports, the Future of Nursing includes the Report Brief, and the AAMN Positioning Paper.