20 x 20 Choose Nursing

The American Association for Men in Nursing (AAMN) is starting a recruitment initiative to encourage men to enter the nursing profession. The goal is to have 20% male enrollment in nursing programs throughout the United States and the world by the year 2020! (So we created the term "20 By 20" to help remember our goal!)

If you are looking at this web page, there is a good chance you are in the process of considering nursing as a career path for yourself or others. The "20 X 20: Choose- Nursing" link is designed to help you in that process and has several purposes.
  • The Awards Task Force of The American Association for Men in Nursing (AAMN) reviews submissions from nursing programs across the United States who wish to be recognized for "significant efforts in recruiting and retaining men in nursing, in providing men a supportive educational environment, and in educating faculty, students and the community about the contributions men have and do make to the nursing profession". We have compiled a list of nursing programs that have been recognized by the AAMN for their efforts and have received the title "Best School/College for Men in Nursing".
  • We have our first "20 X 20: Choose- Nursing" recruitment poster. The posters we post will show actual men-nurses who have combined their hobbies and interests with their nursing jobs. The purpose of these posters is to encourage men to "Do what they love and love what they do!" These posters are downloadable and can be used by all members to promote the 20x20 initiative and AAMN. Check back soon to view more posters as they become available. Click here to view our first poster.
  • Find out more about the nurses in our posters to learn about how they enjoy working in the profession, as well as how they made their decision to enter nursing.
  • The American Association for Men in Nursing profiles the progress of its campaign for a 20% increase in the number of male nurses in the workforce by 2020 in Man Enough: The 20x20 Choose Nursing Campaign written by AAMN Board Member Dr. Don Anderson and published in the Minority Nurse Magazine.
So, Congratulations from The American Association for Men in Nursing and we hope that you join us!