Become a "Take 10 for Men" Partner

Step 1: Contribute $10 or more to the AAMN Foundation each month ($120 each year).

Step 2: Agree to spend at least 10 minutes each month (or 2 hours each year) advancing men in nursing and/or men’s health (volunteer, mentor, teach, precept, post, write, recruit, advocate, etc.)
  • Volunteer for a committee; current committees with openings include Bylaws Committee, Communications Committee, Membership and Chapters Committee, and the Education Committee. Please contact AAMN Headquarters for more information.
  • Submit a course abstract to teach a webinar - click here
  • Mentor a student or young professional
  • Attend a chapter event in your area
  • Register for the 2018 AAMN Conference
Step 3: Donate to the AAMN Foundation. We will use 90 percent of your donation to support AAMN Foundation initiatives such as scholarships and grants, and pay the other 10 percent forward to charities that fund men’s health initiatives, and prostate and testicular cancer research specifically.

Donation Options

  • Make a one-time donation of $120 - click here
  • Make a one-time donation of over $120 - click here
  • Induction into the Society of Luther Christman Fellows at the annual AAMN Conference in addition to your "Take Ten for Men" donation ($1000) - click here
  • To sign up for automatic monthly donations, please complete and return the AAMN Foundation Donation Form.
Note: Your Take Ten for Men contribution is entirely tax deductible

Your key support of AAMN and the AAMN Foundation serves as a bedrock for the achievements of men in nursing. Your continued investment as a Take 10 for Men Program partner will make a lasting impact on AAMN Foundation programs that invest in men in nursing and men’s health at the local and national levels.

As a Take 10 for Men Program partner, your Foundation contribution is entirely tax deductible, and you will receive special recognition on the AAMN website and publications, special invitations to partner-only events and the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a meaningful difference for men in nursing and men’s health.

Please contact Stephanie Czuhajewski at or at 859-977-7444 for more information about the AAMN Foundation’s Take 10 for Men Program.