Luther Christman Fellows

Dr. Luther Christman, PhD, RN, FAAN was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the American Nurses Association. Dr. Christman was recognized for his many significant contributions to nursing, including his role as co-founder of AAMN.

To recognize and celebrate this milestone for men in nursing, the Board of Directors of AAMN has established the Society of Luther Christman Fellows. Inductions are held at our national conferences.

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The Society of Luther Christman Fellows will:
  • Celebrate the achievements of Luther Christman.
  • Recognize contributions to nursing made by men.
  • Fund AAMN Foundation scholarships to support men in nursing.
  • Fund research grants by the AAMN Foundation in areas of men's health and issues of men in nursing.
  • Is open to anyone wishing to be a Luther Christman Fellow.
  • Is tax deductible.
What you will receive as a Fellow:
  • A medallion symbolic of Dr Christman and AAMN.
  • A tax deduction for approximately 90% of the cost of the fellowship.
  • Visibility within nursing and prominence in AAMN.
  • An opportunity to influence the AAMN Foundations growth and involvement in nursing research grants.
  • A fee of $1,000 US dollars
  • A medallion will be provided
  • Recognized as a fellow
  • Induction at an annual meeting into the Society
Application Form (PDF format)