The Nurse's Station Podcast

Episode 9
Join us in this episode as Blake Smith and I take you through the steps of starting an AAMN Chapter in your area.

Episode 8
Our health is our most valuable asset! Come join us as we discuss Men's Health Month and tips on how to maintain your health at work.

Episode 7
Today we will talk with Dr. Marci Cottingham PhD on how we as men in the nursing profession can better take care of our female patients for National Women's Health Week. Dr. Cottingham is a internationally known Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences focusing much of her work on the nursing profession. Her research has looked into understanding the differences between professional practice of men and women through different emotional tendencies and how patients receive those differences by gender.

Episode 6
Today will discuss the history of Nurses Week with our guest Dr. Brent MacWilliams PhD, MSN, RN, APNP, ANP-BC our current AAMN President and Post-Licensure Programs Director/Assistant Dean of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Nursing. You won't want to miss this one!

Episode 5
Today we will be discussing Mental Health and the impact it has on men in our communities. Our special guest joining us today is Dr. Wesley Willis, Psychologist and Nurse who specializes in behavioral issues, relationship issues, as well as Trauma and PTSD. We will explore the current issues in our country today and how we as nurses can positively impact the men in our society to live their lives to the fullest.

Episode 4
The percentage of caregivers in the home has continued to increase over time in the recent years, and many of these caregivers are men. The difference between male and female caregivers is that they have certain distince needs and many times med do not have the resources to set them up for success. We will discuss with Dr. Jason Mott, Ph.D., RN, who is a national expert in male caregiving on the specific needs that men look for when they are caring for loved ones in the home.

Episode 3
Jump start your professional career by understanding how to facilitate your own mentorship. On this episode we will discuss the tools needed for you to be successful seeking out the important people needed to be successful. We talk with Dr. Martha A. Dawson DNP, RN, FACHE, Assistant Professor and Director of Nursing Health Systems Leadership Division of at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) to help young leaders understand how to approach and begin your mentorship journey. We finish by defining the different types and characteristics of mentors that you need to know when seeking out those who will provide your guidance that have provided success to Blake and Mike.

Episode 2
We discuss the ancient myths and barriers on the reasoning of why men do not like to use the healthcare system until many times it is too late. Dr. Brent MacWilliams PhD, MSN, RN, APNP, ANP-BC is a national Men’s Health Nurse Practitioner and will enlighten us on how to better care for the men in our lives and the men we professionally care for. We will also cover our top ten excuses men give for not going to the doctor.

Episode 1
Come along on the journey of two young emerging nurse leaders. This episode will introduce the two co-hosts Blake K. Smith MSN, RN and Michael Ward BSN, RN as they set the stage to offer guidance to nursing students for success in the profession, discuss current healthcare issues for clinicians with leading healthcare experts, and provide insight as two nurses who live the everyday life as professional caregivers. Structure will be set on what to expect from the podcast moving forward and in the upcoming weeks with national healthcare expert special guests. We will also introduce you to our ‘Countdown to the End of Shift’ Top Ten; this week counting down our most uncommon reasons why we love being a nurse.

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