AAMN Conference Poster Abstract Submission Form

Complete the form below to submit a conference proposal. Deadline to submit is August 31, 2018.



Provide a description of your professional background, education and information on your previous experience as a presenter. Please limit to 100 words. Note: These details will be used to assist in session selection and introductory comments.

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Co-Speaker 1

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Co-Speaker 2

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Presentation Outline

Provide a more detailed outline of your presentation, and briefly describe each of the topics you intend to cover in the presentation. Where possible, please address each of the following areas: (Limit 500 words.)
  • Statement of the topic or issue: State specifically what topic or issue you will be addressing during your session.
  • Description of activity, project, or solution: This is the core of your proposed presentation and might include such things as: historical background; participation expected from attendees; who was/is involved with the project; examples of what it took to analyze and define problems and solutions; methods used to work toward solutions, and so on.
  • Outcomes: Where applicable, present your outcomes and achievements. Did you accomplish what you set out to do? In addition to anecdotal evidence, include quantitative examples of how your project resolved a problem or issue. It's important to talk about the successes and failures, especially in respect to what you learned from either.
  • Importance or relevance to attendees and (where applicable) to other organizations. Attendees will want to know how the work you did will apply to them and their solutions. Describe ways in which other organizations might benefit from your findings.

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