The purpose of AAMN is to provide a framework for nurses as a group to meet, discuss, and influence factors which affect men as nurses.

AAMN is a national organization with local chapters recognized and sanctioned under the Bylaws of AAMN. However Chapters may have independent bylaws and a separate dues structure. Membership in the national organization does not require membership in a local chapter.

For more information on how to start a chapter, please check out the Starting a Chapter Page. If you have any questions about starting a chapter, please contact the Membership and New Chapter Committee Chair, Blake Smith .

AAMN Chapter Starter Package Group Rates

School Package Type Amount Number of Full RNs Number of Student RNs
Standard 500 (100 savings) 3 10
Silver 1000 (250 savings) 5 25
Gold 1500 (500 savings) 5 50
(includes free submission for Best School)
2000 (1300 savings) 7 70
Health System Package Type Amount Number of Full RNs
Standard 500 (500 savings) 10
Silver 1000 (1000 savings) 20
Gold 2000 (1500 savings) 35
(includes free submission for Best Workplace)
3000 (2500 savings) 50

These packages used in combination/addition to conference or campaign sponsorship and can be adjusted based on investment in other AAMN opportunities.

These packages are not limited to chapter limitation in overall membership. Additional memberships can be purchased at standard rate and be recognized as chapter members.

Participating Chapters would be subject to submit roster of members on an annual basis within three months of initial payment and one month after each additional annual payment (chapter does not have to utilize all possible memberships for roster submission).

Questions? Contact Viki Young at (859) 977-7453 or via email at

AAMN Chapter Starter Package Information flyer [PDF]