Luther Christman Award

The Luther Christman award is given to an individual or individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to nursing that also reflects highly on men in nursing or significantly contributes to AAMN's mission. Dr. Luther Christman's most important contribution to the nursing profession was the merging of university education and service leadership into the role of the Teacher-Practitioner.

  1. The person or persons honored with this award must have made a visible, commendable and substantial contribution to nursing and to men in nursing over a period of time.
  2. The person or persons are not required to be members of this AAMN.
  3. The person or persons are not required to be registered nurses.
  4. The individual is expected to be present for the presentation of the award.
  5. The award will not be given to the same person or persons more than once.
  6. The award will be offered only when a person or persons are determined to be worthy of this award and have met the required criteria.
  7. The award will be determined by majority vote of the Board of Directors.
  8. The nominee/recipient of the Luther Christman Award shall not be currently serving as an officer or board member of AAMN.
Nomination Procedure
  1. The Award submission is open on Jan 1 through August 8.
  2. The Award committee will review all submissions.
  3. The committee will select the winner and submit nomination to the AAMN Board.
  4. The Award winner will be announced at the AAMN Annual Conference
Please see the attached form for more details on how to submit for this award.

Luther Christman Award Recipients

1975 Gerald Ford
1976 Myrtle K.Aydelotte
1977 Chester Retlowski
1978 Samuel Hart
1979 Valencia Prock
1980 Jeanette McPhail
1981 Vernice Ferguson
1982 Harold MacKinnon
1983 The Alexian Brothers
1984 Dorothy Wheeler
1985 Virginia Henderson
1986 Edward J. Halloran
1987 Frances P. Bolton
1988 Clifford Morrison
1989 Ada Sue Hinshaw
1992 Nicholas Cummings
1993 Peter Ungvarski
1994 Barbara Holtzclaw
1995 Lawrence Voyten
1997 Hildegard Peplau
1998 Vern Bullough

1996 Ann Marie Brooks
1999 Marie O'Toole
2000 Tim Porter O'Grady
2001 Eleanor Sullivan
2002 Dan Pesut
2003 Terry Meisner
2004 Bruce Wilson
2005 William Bester
2006 Peter Buerhaus
2007 Russell Tranbarger
2008 Randy Hudspeth
2009 Larry Purnell
2010 William K Cody
2011 Michael Bleich
2012 Courtney Lyder
2013 William L. Holzemer
2014 William T. Lecher
2014 John Scott
2015 Joachim Voss
2016 Susan B. Hassmiller, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
2017 Eric J. Williams, DNP, RN
2018 Ernest Grant, RN