Lee Cohen Award

Each year the Board of Directors has an opportunity to award the Lee Cohen Member of the Year Award to an individual who fulfills the purposes and meets the criteria for the award. Please review the purpose/criteria and nominate a member of AAMN for this prestigious award. In your nomination briefly explain why you believe this person should receive the award. You may also self-nominate.

The Lee Cohen Member of the Year Award is given annually to recognize a member of AAMN who has made an exceptional contribution to AAMN over a period of time. In 1995, at the annual meeting the "AAMN Member of the Year Award" was renamed to honor the contributions of AAMN's former President, Lee Cohen, PhD, RN. The Award now bears his name as a living tribute to our late colleague. Read More.

  1. Nominee must be a full member of AAMN for at least two years.
  2. The contribution(s) should be significant and understood by the membership.
  3. The person(s) does not need to be, or have been, an officer or member of the Board of Directors.
  4. No individual should be honored with this award more than once.
  5. The award will be given only when an individual or individuals have made a contribution to the organization worthy of this recognition.
  6. The award will be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
Nomination Procedure
  1. The Award submission is open on Jan 1st through August 8.
  2. The Award committee will review all submissions.
  3. The committee will select the winner and submit nomination to the AAMN Board.
Please see the attached form for more details on how to submit for this award.

Lee Cohen Award Recipients

1989 Gary Peichoto
1990 Joann Szwaczkowski
1991 David Sprouse
1993 J. Keenan Casteel
1994 Gregory Johnson
1995 Robert Schaffner
1996 Tom Nichol
1997 Jim Raper
1998 Bruce Wilson
1999 Russell E. Tranbarger
2000 Bill Grau
2002 Ernest Grant
2003 Keith Douglas
2004 Chad O'Lynn
2005 Demetrius Porche

2001 Jim Frye
2006 Susan LaRocco
2007 William "Bill" Lecher
2008 Jadeh Marselis-Moore
2009 Bridget Nettleton
2010 Don Anderson
2011 Lavoy Bray, Jr.
2012 Edward Halloran
2013 Bob Patterson
2014 O. Danny Lee
2015 Gerald Browne
2016 Reynaldo R. Rivera, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN
2017 Jerry Durham PhD, RN, FAAN
2018 Fidelindo Lim, DNP, CCRN