Gene Tranbarger Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize an outstanding article or book about men in nursing or men's health. The award will be presented at the annual conference. The Dr Gene Tranbarger Writing Award is named for a long time AAMN member and former president. Dr Tranbarger co-edited Men in Nursing: History, Challenges, and Opportunities, which was published by Springer in 2007. During his lengthy career as a nurse, he has published numerous articles on men in nursing, nursing informatics, and nursing leadership and administration.

Submissions must be received at AAMN Headquarters by July 15 for the same years award. Submissions received after the deadline will be considered for the following year.

This award recognizes professionals who contributed to the men in nursing profession by writing articles or books about men in nursing or mens health.
  • Article or book must be published within the two years of award submission deadline.
  • Article must be published in a professional journal, magazine or newspaper or a book
  • The submitter can be a nurse or non-nurse
  • Article or book must be about male nurses/nursing students or mens health
  • To be eligible for this years competition, a submission must be composed within two years of award submission deadline. Only one submission per author per year will be considered.
Selection Criteria:
The article or book must:
  • Illustrates quality of writing
  • Provides substantial evidence that the author's intent in writing the article is to promote men in nursing or men's health
  • Support AAMNs mission
Nomination Procedure:
  • The Award submission is open on Jan 1st through July 15th.
  • The Award committee will review all submissions on July 15th through August 15th
  • The committee will select the winner and submit nomination to the AAMN Board by August 15th
  • The Award winner will be announced at the AAMN Annual Conference
Please see the attached form for more details on how to submit for this award.

Dr Gene Tranbarger Writing Award Recipients

  • 2015 Aaron S. Wallen, PhD; Beth A. Devine, MA, MS; Shira Mor, PhD
  • 2014 Brent MacWilliams, PhD, RN, ANP; Bonnie Schmidt, MSN, RN; and Michael Bleich, PhD, RN, FAAN, FANP
  • 2013 Chad Ellis O Lynn PhD, RN, RA for A Mans Guide to a Nursing Career
  • 2012 David Stanley for Celluloid Devils